Update for HideVolume OSD

I didn’t have too much time the last years. The were some issues with HideVolumeOSD I new and now the GitHub user https://github.com/TheCakeIsNaOH has contributed a pull request that fixes some of them.


There was the annoying “Severe error: OSD Window not found!” message that shouldn’t appear any more. The other one was that the application sometimes stopped working at all.


I have built a new version 1.3 you can download…

HideVolumeOSD 1.3 download

All credits for this version go to https://github.com/TheCakeIsNaOH



When executing the setup you will get a Windows SmartScreen warning. This is caused by the fact that I have no commercial certificate to sign the application/setup, because it’s for free. To bypass this, just click on “More Info” at the SmartScreen warning and then on “Run anyway” to install.


Everyhing else about this application is described here

11 thoughts on “Update for HideVolume OSD

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  2. John Anthony

    Wow! What a relief! That stupid volume OSD was driving me crazy!
    Thanks a lot! Great work!
    I can’t believe you have under 1,000,000 downloads.
    Everybody should get this!

  3. Riva

    I Love you Man! Thanks a lot! This fu$#$#$ overlay was ruining my life! I’m searching for month for a solution! THANK YOU!

  4. Amy

    This is perfect! That stupid little thing always covered over some controls when I was working in an application, and now it’s gone! FREEDOM!!!!!!
    Thanks dude this is epic.


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