Update for HideVolume OSD

I didn’t have too much time the last years. The were some issues with HideVolumeOSD I new and now the GitHub user https://github.com/TheCakeIsNaOH has contributed a pull request that fixes some of them.


There was the annoying “Severe error: OSD Window not found!” message that shouldn’t appear any more. The other one was that the application sometimes stopped working at all.


I have built a new version 1.3 you can download…

HideVolumeOSD 1.3 download

All credits for this version go to https://github.com/TheCakeIsNaOH



When executing the setup you will get a Windows SmartScreen warning. This is caused by the fact that I have no commercial certificate to sign the application/setup, because it’s for free. To bypass this, just click on “More Info” at the SmartScreen warning and then on “Run anyway” to install.


Everyhing else about this application is described here

A new version is available here

73 thoughts on “Update for HideVolume OSD

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    1. The hidden one

      Thanks a lot Marcus. It waorked excellent 🙂

      The software must have been scripted by Marcus Venturi.

  2. John Anthony

    Wow! What a relief! That stupid volume OSD was driving me crazy!
    Thanks a lot! Great work!
    I can’t believe you have under 1,000,000 downloads.
    Everybody should get this!

  3. Riva

    I Love you Man! Thanks a lot! This fu$#$#$ overlay was ruining my life! I’m searching for month for a solution! THANK YOU!

  4. Amy

    This is perfect! That stupid little thing always covered over some controls when I was working in an application, and now it’s gone! FREEDOM!!!!!!
    Thanks dude this is epic.

  5. Kutay

    Wow man that is the thing I am looking for like months and it runs perfectly well. This annaying thing irritates me so much when I am working or playing on fullscreen. I didn’t mind so much when I can turn off it on spotify settings but they removed this option in last update. But it doesnt matter, now its completely gone. Like good old Windows 7. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

  6. Kerrie-Louise

    thank you I need to record a three-day seminar, I did not need this crap! you’re the man!

  7. Nabeel Hassan

    Love you man!!!
    One thing I like to request is to please add a timer setting functionality where one can set this OSD’s timeout to less than 5 secs (maybe I will set it to 0.5 sec or even less:)). It will help a lot as people will still get notification to check where their volume is and will also not get distracted.

    Note: You can also do something like the OSD only displays while we hold the volume up/down keys and then gone.

    1. Daniel (not the original lol)

      Yeah I agree with this.
      I don’t know near enough about code but it would seem simple enough to have an editable txt file that the program could pull from on startup.

    2. Haki1906

      That would be really awesome.
      But I guess if that would be possible easily, the dev would have implented such a feature already….?

      Don´t know… 🙂

  8. Ricky

    This is a lifesaver. Hats off to you sir. On the previous blog post, a user called Henry asked if it was somehow possible to keep the volume slider itself visible, but remove the unnecessary big box to the right of it. I’d like to ask the same thing. The volume slider itself is handy for me, but the big box next to it isn’t.

    For better or worse, I will keep using this awesome little program.

  9. Daniel (not the original lol)

    I would love to see this as well.
    Would love to see some clarification if they are 1 or 2 separate elements.
    I know in Google Chrome you can make it so it only shows the slider via

  10. Scott Baer

    Thanks very much for updating your HideVolumeOSD to get it working again. Seems like a small thing, but we really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Two thumbs WAY UP!! 🙂

  11. Concerned User


    VIRUSTOTAL.com shows 3 virus’s/malware.

    Don’t download or install until it’s fixed.

  12. Doug

    After Windows 10 ‘microsoft defender smartscreen blocked me from downloading the latest 1.3 version, we downloaded it anyway. After scanning your .exe, with Virus Total, we get this; “3 security vendors flagged this file as malicious”. Not very comforting at all.
    Does this utility even still work in July 2021 on the current version of windows 10? Thanks

    For now, we will have to stop using our keyboard volume key altogether.
    Please advise. Thanks again.

  13. Doug

    Here are the 3 who thinks there’s a problem:
    Bkav Pro – W32.AIDetect.malware1
    MaxSecure – Trojan.Malware.300983.susgen
    McAfee-GW-Edition – BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.tc

  14. Rod

    HideVolumeOSD-1.3 works great but Windows 10 eventually removes the device form the system trey and I have to reinstall it (about every month). Not an issue for me but I know that 3.1 was supposed to eliminate this issue.

  15. Andrii

    Thanks a lot!
    Finally I’ve managed to get rid of that stupidest “improvement”
    I hate that idiot who “invented” that shit volume OSD

    1. Joker

      If you know the idiot name, please share… I will send him a big load of shit, equal to his improvement…

  16. TrickyB

    Danke Sehr!! Finally who developed a solution for that pesky annoyance within Windows … Hopefully it won’t show up in Windows 11…?! Thanks again, very much appreciated.

  17. Javad hhh

    Bro I love it if we could just move this OSD to some unused place of screen such as bottom center or just a linier overlay inside empty space of taskbar from right side. I wish you could do it in next version.

  18. Daniel

    Meu amigo,

    Você fez uma ferramenta tão simple, mas ao mesmo tempo tão sensacional!!!
    Só posso te agradecer infinitamente por isso.

    Funciona Perfeitamente no Windows 11

  19. Frustraded Windows customer

    Thanks dude for this ! I curse Microsoft (to be polite, here) every time when I listen music and touch volume on my keyboard or change song. Not only it can’t be moved or hided, but moving the mouse over it it reset countdown until it hides…
    With your program, I stop cursing !

  20. Brian

    THANK YOU!!!! It blows my mind windows doesn’t have a built in feature for something that takes over your screen and blocks stuff for 5 – 60 seconds.

  21. John

    Perfect! Now no more stupid overlay. While useful somewhat, the forced overlay that can’t be moved or adjusted blocks part of the display and it is more annoying than useful.

  22. Monstera

    I’ll say the same as everyone else, Microsoft should have added this option themselves, but they didn’t… so thanks a million!

  23. Chrysline

    In small ways, this is heroic. Thank you to you both! This helps so many people with their sanity.

  24. thomas

    You are my personal hero! FINALLY.
    The idiot, who created this window, especially
    – no close icon
    – window stays longer if you mouseover it
    should just jump of the window.

  25. Anjelo

    Hi, this works great but for some reason it reduces my Windows volume by one every time I run it. I reset my machine every night and each time it starts up, my volume goes down.

  26. Markus

    Win 11 seems to have a different approach showing the Volume OSD. With your App ist shows up again and again – but hey, you never said it would be working at Win 11 – so thanks for your good job as long as I could use your tool under Win 10!


  27. Kasio

    They work great, but also hide a screen brightness bar. Can you do so that only the Volume belt is hidden? (Win10)

  28. Altug D

    Tuttuğun altın olsun, Allah razı olsun
    (English translation: May whatever you touch be gold, may God be content with you)

  29. Nathan

    Thank you!! I have been dealing with this problem for months while trying to watch videos and game.

  30. dave

    The controls have always irritated me a little but having started a video based course with two monitors and running them in parallel, watching the course and pausing the OSD would cover up the buttons in the application I was learning that I needed to press. After about 5 minutes of this frustration, I quit the course and went googling for a solution.
    From the incredulity that M$ has forced this upon us with no ability to turn it off (dripping sarcasm), to superlative elation that you had made this, followed by utter disappointment that procrastinating about my annoyance took me 8 years to do something about it.

    Thanks for your efforts.
    It’s tools like this which live forever alongside those classics such as “PowerToys, TweakUI, Classic Start Menu”

  31. Fernando Javier Conti

    Hi. Thanks for your work. When the volume level is configured to show in the system tray, is there any way to rotate the volume level indicator 90 grades to the left? I’m on Win11 x64. Thanks in advance.

  32. @Witsend

    This is the only thing that could solve a bizarre issue I had where the bar kept popping up again and again and again as if I was changing volume when I wasn’t. Why MS don’t let you just TURN IT OFF I don’t know, but muchos gracias.


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